When commercial solutions are inadequate, I.P.R. Systems aim to develop and realize custom hardware and firmware solutions.

Boards tailored for specific applications

In case the customer desires solutions that require specifics hardware, IPR offers design and manufacturing service.

Conditioning board

IPR developed many cards aimed to conditioning (buffering, protecting, shifting, etc.) input/output signals of commercial cards such as: NI 6008, NI 6509, NI 6723, NI6225.

Dut interface

Aimed to manage fixture automation and some other simple test capabilities, the DUT INTERFACE, a microcontroller board based with general purpose I / O, RS232, RS485, CAN bus, is typically used to:

- Fixture lock/unlock management of the device under test.
- Managing an user console with one button and three LEDs.
- KEY signal management
- Measurement of the current absorbed by the device under test.
- Battery voltage reading<

It also allows, in the case of specific configurations, to send periodical messages on CAN bus to the product under test.


The Master Card is born to cover the need for a low-cost device that allows autonomous conversion between automotive communication protocols to and from a PC such as:

- k-LINE
- RS-232
- RS-485

In addiction to these features, the following additional resources are aimed at testing automotive devices:

- Measure battery voltage.
- Battery voltage profile management (ON / OFF).
- Measurement of current absorbed by the device under test
- 22 protected digital TTL input/output


The SPB card has been designed to swicth power signals and to implement FIU (Fault Injection Unit) through:

- 8 automotive SPDT 25 Ampere (electromechanical or solid state) relays.
- 16 automotive DPDT 13 Ampere relays.
- Self-test BIST (built-in self-test)
- Interface: CAN, RS 232, RS 485, LIN, K-LINE