About us

The company

The company was founded in the second half of the seventies, by the will of a group of mechanical and electronic technicians, highly skilled, with the aim of carrying out the project and realization of systems in the automation and measurement fields. In recent year I.P.R. Systems has been specializing in the test fields, in the automotive and industrial environment.

I.P.R. Systems company employs 12 people and usually depends on highly qualified external cooperation for the set up and assembling of PCB and modules which are installed on our systems. With the support of an internal computer network, the technical department is integrated with the areas:

  • Direction
  • Laboratory
  • Production
  • Store
  • Administration


and uses modern CAD systerns for the development of projects relating to::

  • Mechanics
  • Hardware
  • Firmware
  • Software

Head office and plant

The plant cover san area about 800 square meters, on two floors, with easy carriage access.

Ground floor:

  • Laboratory
  • Production
  • Store
  • Garage


First floor:

  • Direction
  • Administrative office
  • Technical office
  • Filing room
  • Meeting hall



I.P.R. Systems has implemented and maintains a quality management system which complies with the requirements of UNI EN ISO (ISO 9001:2008) and it is regularly certified by agencies.

The whole systems, manufactured by I.P.R. Systems, are realized with special care for the project, and the experience has been growing a lot during the years.
Therefore a great quality has been achieved in the realization of a screening System which pairs together a mechanical stress with a thermal one, inside one single structure.This kind of application has been employed for automotive dashboards.


The aims achieved

I.P.R. Systems has always searched new solutions to completely satisfy the specific demand of each customer. Therefore during the last twenty years it has realized many new test and measurement Systems for the industrial field, particularly for the automotive field.